Mei-Li Rose Brand Story
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Mei-Li Rose Brand Story

Brand Stories and Social Media



A brand film is an intimate way to share your story, or one of your stories, and a great way to connect.

A brand film shares your values and so the process is always a collaboration. It is daunting to get in front of the camera, so we make the process as simple as possible, identifying and discussing the key story elements in advance, and using a cosy informal “interview” style to capture your story in a natural way. Sometimes a brand film can be be a very personal shoot such as this one here, or can sometimes be a bigger trip behind the scenes such as this one, where the goal was to celebrate the skill of the ladies who make these products

The goal for this film for Mei-Li Rose Jewellery was to show the time and skill that goes into every single piece, something that is easy to forget on a beautifully finished website filled with sleek designs; to share Mei-Li’s personal vision; and to showcase the jewellery.

The majority of the film was shot over a single day, and the social media clips were shot at a second location over the course of a morning.

The clips shared here can be used to refresh a social media feed or for targeted social media advertising. They were filmed during a lookbook photography shoot and are intended to evoke a dreamy, magical feeling of luxury with a piano soundtrack written specifically for this project.

It is usually possible to create a body social media clips from a single shoot, so that you have a collection to dip into when you want to share a peek behind the scenes for example.

If you would like to see a some more examples of discuss something specific, we’d love to hear from you.

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